October 16th Updates

Genesis Women’s Shelter Fundraiser
Join Genesis of Richmond, Indiana for an Evening of Hope including a live virtual auction, performances from various local performers….all from the safety of your home! The evening will be hosted by Roxie Deer & Andrew Hoover with various other local pop-ins from community leaders! Check out the event HERE
Shalom Sessions
With so much dividing us in our world today, the church can and should offer a third way of uniting us in following the way of Jesus. Join us on the 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 12:05 in the Fellowship Hall for a brown bag lunch as we discuss and listen to the matters and efforts breaking and making the Shalom of our community.
All Saints Sunday
If you would like to honor a loved one that has passed away this year, please notify the church office at 765-962-8543 or email Christin at christin@richmondcumc.com so that we may honor them on November 1st. Please send their name, date of birth and death, and a photo. All submissions are due by October 28th.
Worship Team
Will you prayerfully consider serving on the Worship Team? We have many dreams to grow our worship services in the coming years so that others will have space to connect to God. This might mean new services, different services, or television services. All of these need more servants in the audio video work to become a reality. Please prayerfully discern whether you have the time and heart to bring worship more fully to someone else. several people are ready and willing to walk every step with you. If you feel this tug on your heart, please contact Pastor Joseph or Pastor Jen.
UMW Pecans
UMW will have one pound bags of pecans, halves or pieces, available before Thanksgiving. If you would like to pre-order, please see or call or leave a message for Shanron Rider (966-6909) or Martha Hayes (962-5009) and let us know your order. (Most years our pecans arrive by the 2nd Thursday of the month.) We will have extras available. You may also contact christin at christin@richmondcumc.com with the following information to place your order;
name, phone number, number of pounds of halves and/or number of pounds of pieces
Technology Assistance Tutorials
The pandemic has placed a massive strain on our technology proficiency, understanding, and stamina. We want all of Central to be resourced and trained to the level desired. We will be offering an ongoing space and basic training on whatever question you may have in regards to computers, phones, technology, and all the programs in between. Luke Sheridan is willing to learn alongside you on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 3:30 in the Fellowship Hall starting October 28th. Bring your devices, questions, and desire to learn as we tackle whatever is before us together. Feel free to email Luke ahead of the conversation to better prepare him at lcsheridan1212@gmail.com.

Meeting with Central Medical Professionals
We are seven months into this pandemic. We know so much – and yet, it seems so little. At Central we wanted to have a time of conversation with some of the medical professionals from our congregation. This will be a time to ask questions of and hear from those we know about the current state of our community’s fight against the Coronavirus while also offering encouragement and prayer for our members in the medical professions. Join us Sunday, October 25th at 7:00pm on Zoom – stay tuned as the invite will be posted next week.

Community Emergency Relief Room
Last week there were two fires in Richmond. We reached out and provided assistance to the young couple and the single mother with six children who were involved. Much of this was in the form or clothing and bedding. More will be provided once they have found a new place to live. As we continue to help those in need, we will find it necessary to have our room stocked with items often needed. As always, we are looking for shoes, especially for school age children. Sweat shirts and sweat pants have been items often requested and are currently in limited supply. Bedding and essential household items and kitchen items remain a need, essential being items you would need to replace if you lost everything. Pots and pans, toasters, lamps, small furniture items and towels for example. As always, thanks to the members of our congregation who are supporting this mission.
Happy Birthday!
Ruby Clevenger, a long time member of Central, will be 99 on November 16th. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to attend services at Central due to travel and her health. Her family would really appreciate it if as many church members as possible could send her a birthday card. If you would like to send a card, please contact the church office at 765-962-8543 for the address or simply drop your card off during normal business hours.
Annual Conference
To see a summary of the October 10 session of the Indiana United Methodist Annual Conference please visit: https://www.inumc.org/annual-conference/2020-annual-conference-october-10-summary/

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