May 22nd Updates


This is a new Central United Methodist Church mission. The Relief Room, which is located in the area previously used by Boy Scout Troop 114, will be operated on a referral basis rather than being open to the public. The agencies we see working with us include Red Cross, Department of Child Services, Genesis, Refuge of Hope women’s shelter, Salvation Army, and perhaps more likely identified as we go along. It is likely members of the church may come forward identifying someone in need.

Ways members of Central may become involved in or give support to this mission include financial support, donations and help with the operation of the mission.

Those wishing to contribute financially can submit a check made out to Central United Methodist Church with Community Emergency Relief Room in the memo line. Contributions can also be made on-line. Needed material donations are listed below. If possible, donations should be left outside the Relief Room door. If assistance is needed for larger donations, contact Dana Mollenkopf at 765-277-0287 or  Volunteers will be needed to look through donated items, sort and then properly place items in the room.

Material Donations should not need repair. Clean clothes that are grown out, not worn out are appreciated. Things you would need to replace if suddenly you did not have them.

Clothing: All sizes of gently worn clothing, shoes, and accessories for ladies, men, children and babies. (We currently have a good supply of small to medium sized women’s clothing). Please make sure all items have been recently washed/dry cleaned. Plastic hangers are needed as well.

Household: Mildly used bedding, blankets, drapes, curtains, rugs, kitchen towels, bath towels and washcloths and pillows. Pots, pans, cups, glasses, dish ware, silverware, cutlery, small (working) household appliances and tools.

Toys and Sports Equipment: Clean, lightly used toys and children’s items like stuffed animals, dolls/action figures, board games (complete), and sports equipment.

Electronic Games/Devices: Working stereos, radios, DVD players, and small (easily liftable) working TVs.

Small Furnishings/Appliances: Easy-to-lift and transport nightstands, headboards, chairs, lamps, small tables, and other light home items.

Urgent Need Items: Diapers (various sizes), baby wipes, bottles, swings/baby seats, strollers, sleep sacks, personal hygiene items, new under clothing of all sizes/socks for children, clothing for infants and school aged children, small blankets, phone chargers, school supplies/backpacks, crayons, coloring books and activity books.

Please, no large furniture and appliances (but let us know if available), infant/child car seats, cribs, mattresses, box springs, perishables, or anything with an expiration date.

Pentecost Preparation
we are inviting everyone to color and cut out this flame. You can take a selfie with it and post on our Facebook page or send it to us at or make a video greeting for us to share on Pentecost! And of course, we hope everyone will wear red that Sunday to celebrate the birthday of our church!


May 31st Worship Service Registration

We are excited for our returning to a limited, in-person worship service on May 31st at 10:00am. So far, there has not been a significant outbreak as states have re-opened (praise God!). However, we will not be offering an overflow room, nor will we be starting Sunday School back up. We will also not be offering our Nursery at this time. Further, to ensure compliance with social distancing guidelines and a 100 person limit (OnRealm will list a different number of people. Please disregard this number), we are asking people to reserve a spot for the 10:00am worship service through OnRealm or the Connect App. If you have not yet logged-in to OnRealm to update your information, profile picture, and email preferences, please visit our Realm resource page for more information.  For those who are not on OnRealm please contact the church office at 765-962-8345 to reserve your spot.

Here are guides on how to register for the May 31st Worship Service
Online from Computer

From your Mobile Phone
We will be asking all people who come to wear a mask.  If you do not have one, we will provide one for you.  As we are working out how best to reopen our whole building responsibly, we see this as a way to love our neighbor, our fellow church goer, by creating an environment where anyone could enter.  If you are uncomfortable with this, we understand.  We look forward to celebrating in person with you when we can all gather again without masks (please contact Pastor Joseph with any such concerns). 
We also encourage anyone who is at-risk or is the least bit uncomfortable with larger gatherings to please stay home.  These first few weeks back are to work out the logistics of in-person worship so more may come soon.  We will still be offering our online services indefinitely. Pentecost will surely be a celebration as we begin our course of gathering as a church again.  Our laments will continue until we can ALL freely gather again.



Keep it Up! For the Faithful Ministry Leaders of Children, Youth, and Families

You have shown so much care and concern for kids, youth, and families in your church and community during this time.  You have spent hours on Zoom, mailed cards, made phone calls, and even stopped by houses.  You have adapted to a thumbs up online instead of hugs and high fives in person.  You have listened.  You have prayed.  You have become the tech guru of your church.  You walked through this time with uncertainty while leading and loving others.

Now you are facing a different season.  One of many questions about when and how to open your church doors and ministries back up.  You have already had tough conversations about how to do or not to do VBS, mission projects, and celebrations.  You have been asked the difficult questions about reentry.  You have engaged in online meetings about next steps.

You now have some decisions to make.  How do you make them when there are so many opinions, concerns, and pressures to consider?  To continue reading go here


UMW Antiques

Greetings from Creative Hands. We know that we’ve all been at home sheltering in place and have had time to organize and reorganize and have found antiques and collectibles that you think others would appreciate owning. We will be glad to take your donations of antiques and collectibles for our next Pop-Up for new owners to enjoy while helping UMW support their local charities. When it is safe, bring items to the church office for UMW. Please mark your donations “For UMW Pop-Up.” Thank you and we are wishing you well.




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  1. Elva Turner says:

    Thank you for all the helpful information. The online services have been a real blessing to those of us who are homebound and will probably continue to be so for awhile.

    Jody Turner

  2. Electa Berk says:

    Thank you for all the updates. We may be home but we are still working to help others and to pray for others. The Creative Hands ladies are always looking for ways to help the community. Antiques and collectibles are always welcomed so that we can share them with others.

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