8/11/23 Updates

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Listening Sessions with Pastor Doug – Last Chance!

I am inviting you and urging you to join me for a listening session. The purpose of each session is for me to learn more about this congregation that I am privileged to serve for a season. The listening session will last about 90 minutes with up to 16 participants. You can sign up for today, Sunday, August 13th with the signup sheets in the narthex Help me to get to know you so that I can better serve with you.

Peace, Pastor Doug


Children’s Ministry Meeting

Immediately after worship today, Sunday August 11th. We will meet in room 252. Anyone interested in being on the Education Advisory Team is welcome to join as well. All former teachers, educators, and those interested in child development are welcome to attend. Parents you can bring your kids! We will discuss the launching of a new model of Children’s Church so it will be very exciting!


Childcare Fundraiser Starting Next Sunday!

Starting August 20th – September 15th, Central’s Childcare will be having a Warm Glow Candle Fundraiser! We are very excited to get started using a new curriculum, Teaching Strategies: Gold and Creative Curriculum! This program gives us tools that can assist us in assessing children’s development in 3 categories: Cognitive, Physical, and Social/Emotional.

Along with customizing their activities and curriculum to fit their needs, we would like to begin making some changes to our classrooms. That’s where the fundraiser comes in! Creative Curriculum utilizes “centers” to help split the room into separate learning areas such as Dramatic Play, Math & Science, Art, Music, Manipulatives(puzzles, blocks), and Literacy, as well as a “quiet corner” for children to go to when they want to have some alone time or to help them calm down. In order to make these changes to best benefit the children, there will be furniture we will need to purchase, as well as some additional supplies for some of the centers. I am very excited about what the future holds at Central Childcare and can’t wait to see the difference it makes in our little one’s growth and overall development! -Kathy George

Community Food Pantry

$21,710 is the total of the Meijer’s SIMPLY GIVE summer promotion for our pantry! Thank you very, very much to everyone who contributed. This is the second highest amount we have ever received through this Meijer program. The $24,060 we received in 2020 was part of a Meijer Corporation special gift to help pantries deal with the effects of the pandemic. This $21,710 is nearly identical to our 2023 first six month loss. We are extremely thankful to each donor, Meijer Corporation for their matching gift and God’s blessing of our ministry.


UWF Fall District Celebration

Our first UWF gathering for fall will be held at the COPE Environmental Center on Thursday, Sept. 14 from 9:30-1:30. We will be joined by women from all over the East District. We will meet at CUMC at 9:00 to carpool to Cope, near Centerville. There will be a light lunch offered and a free will offering will be taken at this event. CREATIVE HANDS will also meet that day here at CUMC from 9:00-1:00, with a light lunch offered at noon. If you have any questions call Ann Cashner at 765-994-1979 or text that number.



As we move toward the end of this calendar year, it is a good time to consider gifts. If you are interested in making a gift to your church, now is the time to put your plan into effect. The gift of stocks or bonds can benefit you with additional tax credits. All gifts of a monetary nature can be used for reducing potential tax consequences. Additionally if you do not have a will, there is no better time than now to establish your future desires. If you have questions, please contact Jan Passmore who Chairs our Endowment Committee.

Developing a Mentorship Model for Youth

Rev. Paul Samura will be conducting a six-week interactive training workshop from August 20th – September 30th. There are only a few spots left! If you are interested or want more information, please contact the church office at 765-962-8543

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