Our Theological Story

The path of the faith has the following touch points…

Original Sin – human beings apart from God’s saving grace

Actual sin both outward and inward

Man is captive to the guilt and power of sin (Romans 3:23, 3:10)

Continued in pride and ‘evil’(redefining God’s good)

Prevenient Grace – the “dawning of salvation” – when we first realized God’s pursuit of us.

Illumines reason

Awakens affections

Empowers will

Repentance – the “gate of salvation” – a process made possible by grace and enacted by a decision to turn towards a holy God

Self-knowledge  = mind

Conviction of sin = heart

Desire for change = will

Justification – “present salvation” in standing right before and in relationship to the love of Jesus

By faith alone – instantaneous – “saving grace”

Pardon/forgiveness – cancels guilt of sin (past)

Entrance into the Kingdom

Done through the work of Christ (atonement)

Regeneration (New Birth) – “present salvation” simultaneously with Justification and first steps with Jesus

By faith alone – instantaneous – “saving grace”

Transformation/renewal – breaks the power of sin (present)

Through submission, there is an internal change “in us”

Done through the work of the Holy Spirit
Sacrament is Baptism

Sanctification – “continuing salvation” in discipleship after Jesus within community

Process of growth; gradual development – “sanctifying grace”

God’s action; our reaction and pursuit of holiness

One who is born of God does not willfully commit sin – outward sin is overcome

Repentance of believers – inward sin remains, but does not reign
Sacrament is Lord’s Supper

Entire Sanctification/Christian Perfection – “full salvation”

By faith alone; instantaneous – “perfecting grace”

Freedom from sin, both outward and inward

Presence of love of God and of the neighbor

Fully aligning ‘my’ will with God’s will (Lord’s Prayer)

Holiness of heart and life


Our story has its grounding in a bigger story

God’s Story: The Holy Bible

Prologue – Trinity and Love in relationship

Creation – Heaven & Earth together, original perfection: created in the image of God (Genesis 1 & 2)

Fall – choosing of evil and loss of the image of God (Genesis 3-11)

Call of Israel and Abraham – God’s revelation of his covenant faithfulness (OT or Gen 12–Malachi 4)

Incarnation, Life, Death, Resurrection and Atonement – the work of Christ (Christmas & Easter and the Four Gospels)

The Spread of the Church – the continued work of Christ through the HS and his people (Acts-today)

Epilogue: Resurrection & Last Judgment – Heaven & Earth reunite, Glorification or “final salvation” (Rev 21-22)


Our story has an invitational future…check out this video