The pipe organ at Central United Methodist Church was designed by prolific Danish organmaker, M.P. Möller. Installation was completed in August 1970 by Berger and Shafer of Findlay, OH. It has 4 manuals, 5 divisions, 52 stops and 37 registers. The chest type is electro-pneumatic. Unusual features include a Jeu de Clochette (bright, brilliant bell-like pipes mostly found on European organs) and a rotating Zimbelstern star (wooden and metal star with attached bells, common in Northern European organs during 14th-16th centuries). There are approximately 6,000 pipes in total. Click HERE for a PDF of the stop list.
Newly built Central sanctuary circa 1958
Organ nearly complete. Photo taken March 21st, 1970
Central Sanctuary in all its modern splendor. Photo taken July 19th ,2020