October 9th Updates

Shalom Sessions

With so much dividing us in our world today, the church can and should offer a third way of uniting us in following the way of Jesus. Following up on Pastor Joseph’s sermon on the church as a political (but not partisan) entity – the ekklesia, we will be continuing the conversation. Join us on the 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 12:05 in the Fellowship Hall for a brown bag lunch as we discuss and listen to the matters and efforts breaking and making the Shalom of our community. On October 20th , we will again be giving space for clarity on the political nature of the church, whatever ails your heart in this election season, and take requests for future topics of conversation.  No matter what the outcome, God is good!


Good news for Homeowners


In addition to the work of building our Hope 2021 stewardship campaign, the Stewardship team also discussed much of the financial climate surrounding us in 2020.  One piece of good news to pass along from that conversation is for homeowners.  Historically low interest rates on mortgages (some under 2%!).  If you or someone you love has a mortgage, refinancing could possibly save them thousands/year.  We have some great financial institutions here in Richmond which would be happy to facilitate that for you or yours. 


Technology Assistance Tutorials


The pandemic has placed a massive strain on our technology proficiency, understanding, and stamina.  We want all of Central to be resourced and trained to the level desired.  We will be offering an ongoing space and basic training on whatever question you may have in regards to computers, phones, technology, and all the programs in between.  Luke Sheridan is willing to learn alongside you on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 3:30 in the Fellowship Hall starting October 28th.  Bring your devices, questions, and desire to learn as we tackle whatever is before us together.  Feel free to email Luke ahead of the conversation to better prepare him (lcsheridan1212@gmail.com).

All Saints Sunday

If you would like to honor a loved one that has passed away this year, please notify the church office (765-962-8543 or christin@richmondcumc.com) so that we may honor them on November 1st. Please send their name, date of birth and death, and a photo. All submissions are due by October 28th.


Worship Team
Will you prayerfully consider serving on the Worship Team? We have many dreams to grow our worship services in the coming years so that others will have space to connect to God. This might mean new services, different services, or television services. All of these need more servants in the audio video work to become a reality. Please prayerfully discern whether you have the time and heart to bring worship more fully to someone else. Do not worry about the skills. God equips the called more than God calls the equipped. And I know several people ready and willing to walk every step with you. If you feel this tug on your heart, please contact Pastor Joseph or Pastor Jen.


Monday Morning Connections

We will be starting “MMC” back-up on Monday, October 12th @ 9:00am in the Fellowship Hall.  For more information, please contact Linda Jennings.

Lamplighter Devotionals and Testimonies
We are asking for devotionals and testimonies from the congregation to be shared in a future Lamplighter. If you feel led to share, please submit yours to Christin at christin@richmondcumc.com.
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