You have heard something about Jesus and Central.  God is good. We are excited you are interested in Next Steps here at Central. I wish we could say just do the next 3 or 7 steps and all will be perfect in you life. Walking after Jesus in community is a lifelong endeavor. The rewards are eternal and unimaginable. The obstacles and threats ever present. With time, Holy Spirit, and persistence, the good news transforms those who continue on this pathway of discipleship into peaceful, joyful, abundant, and graceful souls.

What you will find below are suggested steps. We are all at different points in our journey. One action step may change a person’s life while seeming like a waste of time to another. At each step you will find an action for you to take for your journey and an action for you to further immerse yourself in community. We cannot get to the end of this journey alone. In God’s timing we arrive at where we need to be. Please seek God’s wisdom in prayer and proceed accordingly.

At all points along the journey we invite you to add your presence to our Sunday Services, take time to get to know the community,  and seek out a meeting with one of our Pastors as questions arise.  It is our hope all who pass through the doors at 1425 E Main St grow in their faith and participate fully in God’s Shalom.  Keep coming back as we will continue to invite all Central travelers to a deeper walk with Jesus.