No Lamplighter?!
We will not be having a Lamplighter for April, May, or June. During this time, we will be offering announcements and opportunities on our Central webpage – under Central News. Further, we will communicate our stories, devotionals, and check-ins via the blog found there.

We are all about to emerge not just from winter, but also from the distanced, coronavirus ice age. There will be wonderful reunions, communal grief and celebration, and maybe some grace revealed especially for you. As we will be without the Lamplighter, we invite you to chronicle how the Light of the World leads you during this time. Whether it would be through journaling, devotionals, poetry, drawing, painting, building, or essay – please take time to mark how God meets you.

Then, as you feel led, we ask for the people of Central to share these works. We will gather them as they come in to share on the blog, to create a future community devotional, and maybe to have a gallery of art and expression around emerging from this pandemic. You are what make Central so special – an image bearing, adopted child of the Most High God. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have anything you would like to have published, please email Pastor Joseph at or Carla Gillespie at
2020 Lamplighters