May 8th Central Update

‘So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.’  Friends of faith, let us continue in these times with unwavering hope.  And let all who look our way see Christ’s love in all we do.


DATE: Saturday, May 16, 2020
LOCATION: Wherever you are!

We wanted to give people an opportunity to look beyond this moment and beyond this place.  We have a crushing reality here at home which our community has been wonderful about addressing together.  Still, anytime we can turn on the faucet and there is water which can pour out for more than the needed 20 seconds to keep our hands cleaner.  We at Central want to live in a world where all can have access to that reality. 

You do not have to sign-up to run or walk, though you are welcome to share our enthusiasm and join our team.  We look forward to seeing pictures of you at Glen Miller, Hayes, Cope, or on the streets of Richmond.  You do not have to give, though if you are able, please join us in ending hunger and water insecurity around the globe.  We do ask that you pray.  Those already dealing with such insecurities will be feeling the impacts of this moment in ways far different than ourselves. HERE IS OUR PAGE


Opening Central

Our Bishop and our Governor continue to update us with guidelines.  We will adjust as they share more.  We acknowledge those who are at a greater health risk will stay home and encourage those who continue to do so.  Please continue to reach out to one another and your amazing church staff for ways we can come alongside you. For all below, additional measures of sanitation and social distancing will be implemented. Hopefully, we can begin walking this road wisely…

  • Starting May 4th, we invited those who are able and willing to begin gathering in homes and at public locations in small groups.  This could be getting together to serve, bible studies, Sunday morning watch parties in homes, dinner church, or just enjoying one another’s company.  Again, please do so mindful of best practices and only assume the risk as you are ready to do so. Zoom options will continue.
  • We will resume in person worship at Pentecost, May 31st.  The sanctuary will be limited to 100 people.  Live streaming will continue as a permanent service to those social distancing, sick, away from home, or just not able/ready to come. Those who come after the other spaces fill will be asked to view it remotely in the fellowship hall (limit 1 family per table – 50 people total. 
  • All summer camps have been postponed until July.  Check with Central staff for further information.
We are still open 9-1 Monday-Friday for your various needs.  If everything continues as expected, we will send another update to our road ahead the last week of May.  Keep on checking our Facebook page and website for updates.  God is good.  Keep on calling one another and serving where called.  Be the body of Christ wherever you find yourself.


Praying at 7pm

Join with us as we pray and trust in God to provide in this time of great need. take a minute at 7:00pm (19:00 for Covid-19) each night to join the world in prayer for our response to Covid-19. Let us pray for those suffering, those without access to medical care, those who have lost their jobs, those who don’t know how to find resources, the heroes in the medical field, those serving in essential services, families spending more time together than ever before, families divided by quarantine, those feeling alone, those not regarding guidelines, those risking all to serve the least of these, and those on your heart each day. We are together in this fight.
Face Masks
Here are some resources if you would like to make some face masks to either use for your family or donate to an organization of your choice.

Fu Face Mask Pattern

Joann Fabrics Pattern


Let us rest our anxieties at the feet of our God, work at what we are called, love our neighbor well, and enjoy this life as we find it – not as we think it ought to be.



Central Staff

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  1. meta jane ruger says:

    I really miss the fellowship of our Church, I know that my situation at this time in my life is what my Heavenly Father has called me to do. Sometimes I wonder if I am strong enough to handle it. When things get back to normal I would like to talk to Pastor Joe or Pastor Jen. further about this. I pray that my Heavenly Father will help me to be all that I can be for His purpose, not my own. Amen

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