May 28th Updates


UMW Garage Sale Update 2.0!

Yes, UMW is holding a GARAGE SALE here on Saturday, June 5th (the Saturday of the US40 Garage Sale). While UMW holds a garage sale to raise money for our local missions and as a service for our congregation to “recycle” our gently used and once loved items, it will be scaled back this year. Please help us by going through those boxes you plan to donate and give items a “second” look. Bring your donated items and leave them in the coat area outside the church office. We will have an antiques and collectibles area. We will NOT be taking ANY clothes or shoes.

The LAST DAY to bring items to the church for the sale is JUNE 2, 2021. THANKS!!



On Sunday, June 6, we will be honoring Pastor Jen with a luncheon immediately after church. We will be collecting a Love offering for her. Checks should be made out to Central and noted “Pastor Jen” on the memo line. They can be put in the offering plate or dropped off at the office by May 30. We are also going to give her a Remembrance/Gratitude Jar. We will have colored strips of paper in a basket on the table in the parlor to write something that you are thankful for about Pastor Jen. Any little remembrance about her time here will be put in a jar so that she can take them out and read them when she misses Central and is knee-deep in boxes! Please don’t forget to do this.



After the services on June 13, the congregation will be having a Cupcake Party for Sheri to wish her well in her new job. A Love offering will also be collected for her. Checks should be made out to Central and noted “Sheri Koyles” on the memo line.


Frequent flyer miles donations?

            Friends, we are currently interviewing candidates for our Youth and Associate Pastor positions.  We might come to a point where we would like to fly in prospective candidates. Would any of you that have “stored up frequent flyer” airline miles be willing to donate them to this cause? If so, please contact Pastor Joseph.


Rev. Paul is moving…

            If you would have time to help out on June 6th, Rev. Paul would love your help moving boxes and furniture up and down stairs. Also, he is in need of a truck to move once packed.  Willing to help out on June 6th? Call the church office.



We continue to make connections with local agencies that will be possible sources of referrals for assistance through the Emergency Relief Room. Thanks to the material and financial donations made to this mission, the room has become organized and readily available for people referred to us. Our current need is for household and kitchen items that are used on a regular basis. As mentioned before, think in terms of what you would need to replace should you be faced with the loss of everything you owned. That is what we need for future families coming to us for help. As always, if you have any questions or want to get involved with the Relief Room, do not hesitate to contact Dana Mollenkopf at 765-277-0287 or 



We are happy to report that the librarian position has been filled. Elizabeth Holmes has agreed to be the next Librarian and Alisa Clapp-Itnyre will serve as the Assistant. The changes will take effect on September 1st.


Musical Reminders/Announcements:

Tuesdays at 10:00am: Experience a time of weekly worship and virtual fellowship from Madeleine’s home in Brookville, Ohio! We pray, read Scripture, sing hymns, and hear meditative piano music. Streams live from Central’s Facebook page.


Benevolence Ministry Hours

The recent study of Helping Without Hurting has led to the formation of a benevolence team.  This team will be holding office hours on Tuesdays from 1-3 for the specific purpose of building relationships with the many people who come to Central in their time of need.  If you would like to support this ministry, please lift it up in your prayers.  Further, we are looking for people to pray here at the church during these hours.  Finally, if you feel led to join the ministry, please talk to Pastor Joseph or Pastor Jen about reading the book and next steps.



Where: Central United Methodist Church

1425 East Main Street Richmond IN

When: Tuesday June 1, 2021


Light refreshments will be offered






Only the funding was rushed by the federal government in order to make the vaccine available as quickly as possible. The science and research into coronavirus vaccines has been ongoing for over a decade. Appropriate studies were completed that show the vaccine is safe.


You may NOT be immune, even if you have previously been diagnosed with Covid-19.

A positive COVID-19 test result does not necessarily indicate you are now immune, current evidence suggests reinfection with the virus that causes COVID-19 is uncommon in the first 90 days after infection. However, the immunity someone gains from having an infection (“natural immunity”) varies from person to person. Researchers are working to learn more about how long immunity lasts.


You will NOT get Covid-19 from the vaccine.

The vaccine provides your body the information needed in order for it to be able to fight off the virus – it cannot infect you with COVID-19, and does not contain live virus.


Side effects from the Covid-19 vaccine are rare.

Serious side effects are extremely rare. Any deaths that have been reported were from individuals with other extremely serious health issues that were the primary cause of death and were incorrectly reported to be related to the vaccine. The short and long-term effects and associated risk of death from contracting COVID-19 on our elderly population are much worse than any potential side effects.

The overwhelming majority of people have little or very minor effects, mostly arm soreness.


The Covid-19 vaccine is FREE!

The vaccine is available at no cost to everyone. You will not be charged any out-of-pocket expenses, whether you have insurance or not.


If you have a weakened immune system, the vaccine is recommended.

Those with immune issues should get the vaccine as soon as they are eligible and should consult their doctor if worried about their condition and how the vaccine could affect them.

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