Maturing – Where is God leading us?

Your Step – Onward and Upward…or so the call comes to those who are in Aslan’s land at the end of the Last Battle in C.S. Lewis’s classic children’s series. You understand the basics and are ready for deeper waters to swim. Consider forming a group for an extended Silent Retreat or fasting experience. Commit to whatever God calls you to in the time. Seek out others to form a regular gathering seeking Daily reliance up the Holy Spirit. Build relationships outside of Church to plant seeds for future Kingdom growth.  Invite others to Come and See the Lord is good.

Our Steps – The church should be leaning on you to support and produce fruit for the next generation.  Seek out leadership possibilities at Central and the Community and help guide us all toward Christ.  Begin to grow groups which will steer Central for years to come.  Invite others to join in the journey you have trod.