Exploring – Where are you in your faith walk?

Your Step – Let’s take a moment to breathe and take stock of the ground around us. All of us are on a journey.  Church and Jesus might be the most obvious truth in the world to you or they might seem like hostile ideas.  It’s ok.  We must know where we are before we can begin effectively.  The Real Discipleship Survey is an attempt to mirror back to you where you stand in your faith journey.  In it, you will select statements from different color coded categories.  Please select the one which most suits you at this moment.  After submitting your results, the Survey walks you through your selections and gives suggestions as to ways you can continue growing in each area.  Feel free to contact one of the Pastors to discuss your results and what’s next.

Real Discipleship Survey Instructions

Real Discipleship Survey


Our Steps – We are pumped to have you seeking Christ with us here at Central. God is doing great work here and the more He calls, the better it will be. We would love to communicate more about how we make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World. Contact the office to get your Realm account set-up and sign-up to receive our Central emails and our monthly newsletter  If you have not already heard from a Pastor, feel free to connect