Every Shadow Has A Light

Frozen winds drive us to cover in this bare season.  We find comfort in warm drinks, thick covers, and slower days.  Still, for some, internal storms can rage within – tempests from which we cannot hide.  Fear, anxiety, doubt, shame billow within icing our thoughts and movement.

When these fronts are moving within our souls, it seems random what can cause the clouds to gather.  Photos on the wall remind us of times no longer present, people no longer around, promises lost to failure.  Objects laying around illicit worry for what we have to do and what we have not done.  Texts, commercials, smells, thoughts all can precipitate the spiraling winds of these dark moments.  In these shadows, we can forget who we are, drown in the lies, and bury ourselves far from others.

Except, we can never truly escape those relationships.  Except God drives us to those relationships.  Except, those same markers of malevolent memories have also life in loving light.  Those pictures are there to remind us of those good times, to remember those who loved and encouraged us, of how we got up from those falls.  Those objects lay there because of life lived and purpose realized.  The same winds which blow in the clouds, blow them away for the light to break-in.

Our God calls us to live this life through both the ups and downs and all the normal in between.  No matter where we are, as Psalm 139 tells us, God is there with us. No matter what we have done, as Romans 5 reveals to us, God’s love is for us.  Even when we think we can bear it no longer, God is there to catch us:

When I said, “My foot is slipping,”    your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me,    your consolation brought me joy. ~ Psalm 94 18-19.
We may see each other less as winter passes.  There may even be bleak and dark days.  There will never be a day when our God does not meet us where we are.  Every shadow has a light.  Every night has a morning.
Every shout has an answer, or as Psalm 34 tells us, he meets us when we cry out to him. 
O taste and see that the Lord is Good!

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  1. Dennis says:

    Nice, Thank you for being the light.

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