Coronavirus and Central

Dear Central Family, 

Thank you for being so gracious this past year as we have wrestled with the pandemic. Like Esther, we may not like what has come up in our time, but Central has responded for such a time as this. Time and time again you loved your neighbors by creating the gracious space necessary for us to continue to operate.

The numbers on the renewed spread of the coronavirus are saddening. The Delta variant is 2-4 times more contagious than what we encountered prior. Our numbers in Wayne County are growing exponentially. Let us do our part in such a time as this. Please stay home if you in any way think you might be sick. Here are 3 additional ways Central can fight in this season.

  • Do Not Fear – Our God has given us a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline. Though the numbers are rising, 99.99% of those vaccinated have not had a case resulting in hospitalization or death. Vaccination clinics are still available regularly and we will be hosting one on August 22nd and September 12th.
  • Masking –  Masking has been proven to mitigate the spread of many illnesses including the coronavirus.  We ask you to consider wearing a mask while moving around the building and singing. If our county goes to orange or red on the website, we will be asking all to wear a mask at all times until numbers decrease for 7 days or we go back to yellow.
  • Do not Judge – There are reasons people mask and vaccinate or do not mask or get vaccinated. Chronic Respiratory issues, desire to see people face to face, following recommendations, complications from vaccines, etc. Please listen well to those in our community who may act differently so we may all love alike.


Let us hold this tension. There are disciples of Jesus to be made. Let us love our neighbors in our every action without condemnation. We can find a way to fight the virus and still love well in our community together.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Joseph

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