Once again the beauty of change falls among us.  We fold up our swimsuits and shake out our sweat shirts. The mower parks in the shed while the rakes are brought out to gather burning leaves falling from our trees. Change allows us to see clearly what we will miss and what is in store.
Here at Central change continues.  Our Ad Council met last night and agreed to slowly pull back our Covid restrictions. We will not ask for all to wear masks all the time. We still ask for compassion from all and will be providing masks for any who desire one. Thank you to all for doing your part! The change in our hospital occupancy and daily case numbers are something to be celebrated. When we move to yellow we will take down the tape.

With the changing year comes a new pledge drive for 2022. This Sunday we celebrate our Stewardship Sunday and the same, yet changing mission we have at Central to offer Jesus’ love to all. Do you remember it? That first time Jesus jumped off the pages of Scripture and transformed you with the reality of His power?  That love, that prevenient grace, that redeeming truth, that work – that’s what we are about together at Central. That’s the light we are keeping on with our commitment for 2022. I cannot wait to celebrate the changed lives from the work with you in the coming years.

Still, the greatest thing about change is that our Savior does not, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Heb 13:8)

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Joseph

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