Announcements and Resources

Community Response Opportunity

A local ministry we support, Mosaic Church, is looking for kid’s care packages to hand out along with their free meal on Sundays. There have been several families with children picking up meals and are looking for other items for this unexpected ‘homeschool’ season. They are looking for approximately 50 bags. If you are interested, please make sure ALL items fit within a gallon zip lock bag and are SHELF STABLE. Toys, games, puzzles, etc. can be gently used – please clean and disinfect.

Suggested Items:



Small Games

Puzzles (with all the pieces)





Whatever your kid would want!

Please drop these off at Central UMC on the morning of Thursday April 9th, 2020.  We will update after Easter about any continued need.


Red Cross Blood Drive

All 49 of the time slots for our April 14th blood drive have been filled!  If you have not registered but would like to still give blood and are willing to be put on a standby list in case of cancellations, contact Dana Mollenkopf at 765-277-0287.

Volunteers are still needed for this day. Those who are interested and willing to help may contact Dana Mollenkopf to talk about specific time frames but volunteers are needed between 9:45am – 3:30pm. All volunteers will have their temperature taken upon arrival (as will donors) and they will be issued a mask to wear while they are on site.

If you have further questions or need additional information, contact Dana Mollenkopf at 765-277-0287.

AGAPE Sunday School Class

On Easter Sunday, April 12th at 2:00pm, the AGAPE Sunday School Class will be watching and discussing: One-Hit Wonders: Triumphal Entry; The Lord Needs It

The Eyewitness Bible Series’ One-Hit Wonders Series are narrative accounts by Bible personalities who are only mentioned one time.

These characters are often not named, such as the owner of the donkey that Jesus rode for his Triumphal Entry. The story liens are imaginative about the character in order to emphasize the importance of an event or teaching. I hope you will join us for this Easter story from a different perspective.

What you need:

1) Google Chrome Web Browser


2) Google Hangouts app on your phone or tablet

Please email your email address to Jim Puckett at

About 1:30pm on April 12th, Jim will email everyone a link to “Google Hangouts.” Checking your email with CHROME, Click the link, click “Join Hangouts” (You do NOT need a gmail account, just use Google Chrome as you web browser, instead of Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc) Please let Jim know if you have any questions, or would like to test “Hangouts” prior to Easter Sunday.
Online Gathering Opportunities

Did you miss one of our Facebook Lives? Don’t worry, all lives are saved, through Jesus, AND Technology!! Look for all our past videos under the video tab on our facebook page!

If you want to catch us live, here is our current schedule:
Sundays – 10:00am Worship Service
Sundays – 5:00pm Youth Group on Zoom

Mondays – 1:30pm Bible Connection on Zoom

Tuesdays – 10:00am Musical Worship

Wednesday – 12:00pm Midweek Connection

Thursday – 2:00pm Musical Worship
Thursday – 8:00pm Thoughtful Thursday
Realm Access
If you are having issues logging on to Realm, please check out this video!


Central Updates and Announcements

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” ~ Romans 15:13

Red Cross Blood Drive

Central will be hosting a blood drive on Tuesday, April 14th between 10am – 3pm. To sign-up go to and type 47374 in the red “find a blood drive” box in the top right. From there you can select your time or another date and location if the 14th is not convenient for you. For any questions, contact Dana Mollenkopf at 765-277-0287.


Food Pantry Re-opening

Prayers have been answered for many as the Community Food Pantry voted to re-open under new guidelines on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1-3.  Our Central representative, Dave Shaw, has been spearheading this effort and is busy preparing for the reopening April 1st.  Please keep him, the volunteers, and those needing food in these hard times in your prayers.  If you feel called to serve in the coming weeks, please email Dave (


Easter Lilies

While we may not be able to meet in person for Easter Sunday, we want to keep with the tradition of celebrating with Easter Lilies but with a twist! All members who would like to order Easter Lilies, are asked to call Jack Daggy Flowers at 765-962-5596. Make sure to let them know you are a member of Central United Methodist Church. You may choose to have the lilies sent to your home or have them sent to friends, family, or anyone that could use a little bit of extra love during this time. All that they ask is that wherever they are sent, is within Richmond city limits.

Jack Daggy Flowers will keep track of all orders and will bill Central after deliveries have been made. To pay for your order, please send a check to Central, or drop it off in the office during our modified office hours of 9am – 1pm. The cost per lily is $13.50.

The deadline to place an order through Jack Daggy Flowers is April 6th. Orders will be delivered April 8th and 9th. If you have any questions, please call the office at 765-962-8543.


Live Online Gathering Opportunities


10:00am – Worship Service on Facebook

5:00pm – Youth Group with Sheri on Zoom

            (Contact Sheri at for Zoom invite)


1:30pm – Bible Connection with Pastor Joseph on Zoom

            (Zoom invite will be posted on Facebook 20 minutes before meeting time)


10:00am – Musical Worship with Madeleine on Facebook


12:00pm – Mid-week Connection with Staff on Facebook


2:00pm – Musical Worship with Madeleine on Facebook

8:00pm – Thoughtful Thursday with Pastor Jen on Facebook


Helpful Links

Central United Methodist Church Facebook Page


Central United Methodist Church Blog and Realm Connect App

If you have not signed up for our online directory, please contact the office at 765-962-8543 or check out our Realm access blog here:


Central United Methodist Church Website


Central United Methodist Church Online Giving

or text CUMC1425 to 73256 to give to the general budget!


Center of Disease Control (CDC)


Central Updates

Dear friends,

Greetings in Christ’s name!  I pray you and yours are participating in the grace and peace of our God.  I give thanks for our Lord’s provision and steady presence as the world we have known changes before our eyes.  We are hemmed in, but our light still shines brightly.  I have been blessed to hear of stories of Central members reaching out to neighbors, seeking out ways to serve those on the margins, and rekindling old relationships.  I have been humbled at how our staff has stepped up again and again to take on the ever arising challenges of ministry under social distancing guidelines.  I am hopeful for the good news of Jesus and His love to spread through Central’s love in the coming weeks.

With these constant changes continuing to pile up, we wanted to update you on the happenings here at Central:

With the new restrictions imposed by the state, we have clarified we are an essential entity and will be at the building for emergencies as they arise.  We are encouraging people to call into the office from 9-1 or email us for communication.  We will continue in serving from 1425 Main, in our homes, and in the community.

  • To this end, if you are feeling called to assume the risk and serve in these times, we are asking for servants to staff the Food Pantry.  We have been able to be a part of opening back up this vital resource to our neighbors. This will involve either isolated shifts inside the building of 3-4 people to sort and bag groceries or curbside service.  Please call Dave Shaw (765) 966-2770) to sign-up.
  • We have many ways to gather online via Facebook, Google Hangouts, and Zoom.  Several small groups are continuing to meet.  If you are interested in hosting or joining a study or small group, please contact the office.  Here are Central’s regular online gatherings in the coming weeks.  
    • Sunday – Worship – 10am, TRIBE with Sheri on Zoom @ 5
    • Monday – Bible in One Year study with Pastor Joseph on Zoom@ 1:30
    • Tuesday – Morning Worship with Madeleine @ 10am
    • Wednesday – Midweek Connection with Staff @ Noon
    • Thursday – Afternoon Worship with Madeleine @ 2 pm, Thoughtful Thursdays @ 8pm with Pastor Jen and guest

Please continue to lift one another up in prayer.  I am asking we all take a minute at 7:00pm (19:00 for Covid-19) each night to join the world in prayer for our response to Covid-19.  Let us pray for those suffering, those without access to medical care, those who have lost their jobs, those who don’t know how to find resources, the heroes in the medical field, those serving in essential services, families spending more time together than ever before, families divided by quarantine, those feeling alone, those not regarding guidelines, those risking all to serve the least of these, and those on your heart each day.  We are together in this fight.


May you find God’s love in every breath today.



Pastor Joseph


Ways to Engage

Friends, the unrelenting news and reality of the spread of the novel coronavirus and our countermeasures have brought us to an unprecedented time in our lives. Countless families have lost loved ones and are awaiting outcomes for other members. We have lost the ways in which we normally gather, shop, recreate, create – live. The raging seas of fear and anxiety threaten to unmoor us. The darkness seems to gather, yet I cannot help but see a light growing.

There is hope. We may have had our habits altered, but that does not mean we have lost our humanity. We do not know what comes next, but our God remains our rock and refuge.  He still whispers to us in the midst of the storm, calling us forth.  There is much to be about until social distancing drops from our daily vocabulary. Together, we at Central can shine our ever strengthening light to one another and for our community.

For those sheltering in place:

  • Make a habit of calling others, writing letters, video chatting with loved ones – they want to hear your voice. We all need connection.  Contact Linda Jennings if you would like to connect with those under mandated social distancing in Senior Living facilities.
  • Pick up that book you always wanted to read. You have the time.
  • Try out a new skill – yes you might fail today, but set aside time to make regular, disciplined efforts and the results will follow
  • Take time to actually be in solitude. Turn off all devices and just be present in the moment. The updates you miss will be updated anyways. You will be amazed at how refreshing this is and how many thoughts will pour forth. Peace will come and go, but keep working at it – this is a discipline as well
  • Call the office (765-962-8543) with any needs or call for assistance.  There are many able to go about who want to be there for you.

For those essential workers and willing to run errands

  • Call neighbors before going forth to see if others have needs to help limit trips for the most vulnerable.  Let Pastor Joseph know if you would like to pick up or deliver for members beyond your neighborhood.
  • Patron local small businesses. Let your canned food sit until you need to use it. We need them now and they have taken a hit.
  • Look for blood drives (Central is working on hosting one in early April – stay tuned), food donations, and service opportunities. I know we are not supposed to gather, but the needs have not gone away and they are taking the best measures they can. Fully understand the risk and step forward with what you discern.  Our Community Food Pantry on 19th street needs volunteers.  Contact Dave Shaw if you feel called.

For all of us:

  • Follow the CDC guidelines the best you can.
  • Refrain from judging those who will not come out and those who feel called to go forth and risk. We don’t know their full stories.
  • Read your Bible.  You can download the YouVersion App for various Bible Studies or join the rest of the congregation in Reading the Bible in One Year with the Read Scripture
  • Join a digital small group.  We are working on resourcing small group leaders with various means of digital conferencing.  We will have a list of various opportunities come Sunday morning worship.
  • Pray. Pray for all those people on the front line – the doctors, EMT’s, janitors, administrators, nurses, factory workers, government heads – the list goes on. Pray for those in the midst of the disease. Pray for those who are suffering from other sicknesses. Pray for our neighbors who don’t know what’s next. Pray for our youth who have lost significant life experiences to cancellations. Pray.  We can be together before our Father’s throne.
  • Let us all love well. It is my hope and prayer to help all know they are loved by an amazing God. I don’t care who you are, you are loved – let us try to let that love in. When we know we are loved it is easier then to love with abandon. To love our neighbors – even the ones who leave bikes in their yards and never bring in their trashcans. Even the ones who are not responding to this as we would like them to. This can be a phone call or shared food from your pantry or playing your guitar outside to bless the neighborhood or some other idea you uniquely offer.  Let us offer love.  Let us be the church.

You are all in my prayers. Keep the faith, Cling to hope. Let us love. God is still good. Together, we will get through this. Shalom.


In Christ’s love,

Pastor Joseph


Easter Lilies

While we may not be able to meet in person for Easter Sunday, we want to keep with the tradition of celebrating with Easter Lilies but with a twist! Since we won’t be able to enjoy them at Central, Jack Daggy Flowers has offered to deliver any Easter Lily order anywhere within Richmond and is waiving the delivery fee!


So how will this work? All members who would like to order Easter Lilies, are asked to call Jack Daggy Flowers at 765-962-5596. Make sure to let them know you are a member of Central United Methodist Church. You may choose to have the lilies sent to your home or have them sent to friends, family, or anyone that could use a little bit of extra love during this time. All that they ask is that wherever they are sent, is within Richmond city limits.


If you would still like to honor someone, whether they are celebrating at home or celebrating with Jesus on Easter Sunday, Please let us know and we will honor them on Easter Sunday.


Jack Daggy Flowers will keep track of all orders and will bill Central after deliveries have been made. To pay for your order, please send a check to Central, or drop it off in the office during our modified office hours of 9am – 1pm. The cost per lily is $13.50.

The deadline to place an order through Jack Daggy Flowers is March 27th. Orders will be delivered the week of April 6th. If you have any questions, please call the office at 765-962-8543.


Realm Access

Through or the Realm Connect app, every member will have access to their own information through our private domain. By the end of the day on Wednesday, March 18th, everyone will receive an invitation via e-mail to access their realm accounts. This launch is going to happen sooner than we would have originally liked but felt it was important for all of us to stay connected during this time. There might be a few bumps, but we are all learning new things together in this time. There will be aspects of the website and app that are not fully functional and will seem confusing. We understand that there will be questions. Please direct all of those questions to Christin at While we will not be able to answer every question individually, we will communicate those answers via the Central Blog and Facebook. Below are instructions on how to set-up your account and how communication will work


When we send out your invitation to join, you will receive an email that asks you to join our online community. Click on the link next to “Create an account.” Here you will be asked to create a password. Once you have done that, you will want to check your email for a second email that asks you to verify your email address. Click the link next to “Verify your email.”


Once your account is set-up, you will be able to edit your contact information or manage your privacy settings. If you would like to change how much information other members can see, you may do so on your profile page. To access this, you will click the down arrow next to your name in the top right of the page.


The default setting of Realm is to notify you of new messages or content posted on Realm via email. If you would like to change these notification settings, click the down arrow next to your name on the top right of the page, and select notification settings.


On the website, you will see “Giving” on the left hand side. This is where you will be able to see your private giving statements and pledges. This information can only be accessed by the account holder and the finance team. I know many will be mailing their weekly giving/tithe to the church. However, if you would like to utilize Realm Giving, just click the “+Give” and follow the prompts.


Also on the left hand side, you will see “Directory.” This is where you will be able to see other members contact information. When you first get on and start exploring, you may notice that there are members missing or members with no information. This is only due to those members not signing up yet or deciding to not share their information.


If you would like to chat with someone through Realm, you may search their name in the top right corner or select “chat” under the Communication tab on the left hand side. You will only be able to chat with those who have accounts set-up.


Again, we understand that there will be questions about using the website and app. Please feel free to email Christin at with any questions and we will do our best to answer them in a timely manner.


In the process of creating events and learning how the site works, we inadvertently created a second worship service. We will be removing it from the event page but want you to be aware that you may receive an email stating that worship service is cancelled. Please know that this is not the case and we will be having the planned online service on Facebook and our website as mentioned in Pastor Joseph’s email.


Central Events Update

To keep in the practice of social distancing and avoiding unnecessary travel at this time, all Central UMC events and gatherings have been cancelled until the end of March. This includes the “Meet the Ad Council” scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th, and the UMW Meeting scheduled for April 9th. If you have any questions about your group meeting, please call the office at 765-962-8543. 
As mentioned in the last pastor’s update, this cancellation includes the physical gathering of worship service for the next 4 weeks. We will be utilizing Facebook live on Sunday at 10am to share in this time together. Make sure to like the Central United Methodist Church page to get notified when we go live and to stay up-to-date on all things Central. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church office at 765-962-8543


Update from the Pastor

Greetings in the name of Jesus.  I pray this email finds you well in the grace and peace of our God.  This is a longer email, so please read to the end. 
In these strange times, remember, God offers truth and love to the depths of our souls.  As all else that we know crumbles into the raging sea, let us not forget God’s love for us, for our neighbors, for our world.  A world for whom he gave His Son and showed us all true love bleeds.  In pursuing and receiving that love – in living that love – we are together at Central.  This is a bond which unites though we may be absent in body from one another for a season.  It is a love which allows us to bravely face the stark realities we find today.
Our world this morning was not the world we woke up to at the beginning of the month, nor even one week ago.  The rules by which society operates change by the hour.  It is scary, but we are in this together and will be together on the other side.  The latest we have heard here in Indiana is that we are not to gather in groups greater than 50.  Our first presumptive case just arrived at Reid this morning.  The restaurants are only offering drive-thru services.  Other social gatherings spaces have been shut down.  Our community members are losing their jobs.  Our neighbors may not be sure how they will get through this unknown reality.  What we are seeing is unprecedented in our lifetime and its effects will be far reaching for a long time.  I do not know what news may come next, but I do know one thing from my short time here in Richmond – a loving response will rise from the good people of Central UMC.  No matter what may follow your Godly love and wisdom will be expected and needed from a community in desperate need of it.
For now, I wanted to share the following measures being taken by Central UMC.  At this time our doors are still open for Childcare and day to day operations.  However, it is with a heavy heart, I must share we will be moving our ‘public’ worship to online spaces for at least the next 4 weeks.  Furthermore, we are asking all groups to consider alternative gathering arrangements for at least the next week as we monitor the ever changing reality we find ourselves within.  This is a great loss.  Your faces and laughs will be missed by many.  My heart hurts at the thought of our building not being full.  But we are not standing still.  We are praying and discerning how we can be Christ’s hands and body and feet in the midst of the storm.
On the other side of this, I am excited about what is coming.  We are organizing.  We are developing neighborhood communities. We will have a revamped Facebook Live service on Sunday morning at 10.  You will be able to message us both before and after the service while sharing thoughtful comments along the way to one another.  We are working with local agencies on how we as a people and our building could be leveraged to help those who are disproportionately affected by the closings.  We are developing a pick-up and delivery system for those who cannot go out. Right now you can coordinate with Linda Jennings to write or call those in forced isolation.  More to come soon (stay tuned) –  Facebook Live for various offerings throughout the week, small group studies and conversations via Google Hangout (Instructions here for group leaders – feel free to call Pastor Jen or Joseph for further steps), live worship concerts, and roll out of our online communication portal Realm Connect.
Yet we are in this moment.  God is still good.  Let me share again what I offered on Sunday.  We have experienced the overwhelming love of our savior.  We respond by following Jesus and sharing His love – with redeemed spirits and disciplined bodies.  We draw closer through the Spiritual Disciplines – prayer, fasting, reading Scripture, Christian conversation, solitude, worship, simplicity, etc.   Public worship is but one of these Spiritual Disciplines.  We have a time before us when we can build up our other disciplines.  We can lean into one another and our households as we walk through this together.  Here are a few resources (we will be sharing more in the coming days):
Right Now Media – Our church has a subscription to this discipleship service.  You can access Christian movies, children’s shows, Bible
Studies, and other studies to go over during this time with your household and others you are in connection with.  If you are not
already signed-up, please email Christin at
You Version Bible App – Several
The Bible Project – A great treasure of videos, blogs, and podcasts all about God’s word.  
Methodist Prayer – A daily arrangement of the prayer offices for those seeking disciplined practices at home.
Thank you again for your prayers – they are essential.  We will be sending another update soon.  Until then, know you are loved – by your God, by your Central staff, by me.  Know you all are being held before our Father in prayer by us.
In Christ,
Pastor Joseph