August 14th Updates

Realm Sign-ups!

Join us in the Parlor today after worship to get your account set-up. Want to know more about Realm? Join us on Mondays and Thursdays in August from 10am – 11am where we will be available to answer any of your questions.


Prayer Service on Sundays at 6:30pm.

In the midst of the uncertainty of 2020, we will be leaning into the knowledge of our God, and discerning where the Holy Spirit is leading Central in the days to come.  


Join us for Welcome 2020 as we seek to help each individual and each local church learn their own first step or next step on the welcome journey. Impactful stories will be shared from a diverse range of voices and experiences in order to give clear and innovative ways for individuals and churches to connect with and welcome immigrants. We believe Welcome 2020 will give new inspiration to overcome obstacles and practical steps for what to do next as you seek to offer welcome and build relationships with immigrants in your neighborhood and community. Speaker details There is an unprecedented movement of peoples in our world today: 1 in every 30 individuals is living outside their country of birth. In the United States, close to 14% of the population is foreign-born and more than 1 in 4 individuals living in the US is part of an immigrant family (first generation immigrant and their children).
This particular context hasn’t existed since 1910 and impacts every context; whether you live in a rural, urban, or suburban community, whether you’re a part of a small church or a large church, whether your church is monoethnic or multiethnic, whether your church is established or a brand new church plant.
Immigrant Connection believes every disciple of Jesus and every local church is called to welcome the stranger (Matthew 25:35) and to practice Biblical hospitality (literally “philoxenos” – philo – love, xenos – foreigner/immigrant). We also realize everyone is at a different place on the journey of welcome.”


Men’s Gathering

Tuesday August 18th @6:30pm. Bring your own chair, meat, favorite snack, cup, and sense of survival for this socially distant men’s gathering around the original social networking site – the campfire. A space for men to connect and converse and enjoy food while centering on Christ. At Jack Hughes’ 9876 St Rd 227 N, on the left north of Whitewater.


Family Camp

A great opportunity to escape to the woods of Brown County will come September 18-20. Families will have the opportunity to hike, challenge, shop, and experience all that Camp Moneto and Brown County have to offer. We realize not everyone will be able to participate at this time, so we will ask all to love and respect the social distance of any family who chooses to join. There are over 700 acres to socially distance effectively while having ample opportunity to gather safely for times of worship and fellowship.  Come and join us in God’s good creation. For those interested, please email Pastor Joseph for more details and costs.


Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle will resume meeting on Thursday, September 18 at 10:00 A.M. in the church parlor. We will practice social distancing. Masks are not required but would be appreciated. Please join us for this opportunity to be together again in fellowship and love of Christ Jesus.
UMW Pop-Up
To keep from going Covid Crazy, Creative Hands has kept busy creating for you! Social distancing hasn’t kept us from making pillows, pumpkins and plentiful hand crafted items.  The sale of our handiwork raises funds for UMW to support local charities. And since most of us aren’t out shopping too much, what better way to shop for the holidays. So pop over to the church parking lot from 10am to 2pm Saturday, Sept. 26th for our open air pandemic pop-up from the trunks of our cars and SUVs/ Enjoy complimentary treats with styles by The Secret Ingredient.

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