40 days to a new you! – Part I

Have you ever hoped for more in life? Tired of that same old routine?  Want a new body for swimsuit season?  Then Lenten practices are for you!  Just follow the directions listed on the package, add water, and voila – everything is awesome!!!! 

Or so we are promised.  Reality often tells another tale. 

Self-help, positive-thinking, short-cut peddling, elixir-of-life pills built so much of our American way of life.  They are everywhere.  The advertisements and products and processes may change over time (and rapidly it seems of late), but the promises and cheerleading remain.   

Happiness!!!  (DISCLAIMER: just after that next purchase, like, swipe, mantra, or 3rd step; DO NOT NOTICE the people who cannot afford this prescription; and please ignore the list of side effects in small print) 

We accept these in their pervasiveness.  Constant expressions appear in social media ads, bookstore sections, television shows, print media, and water cooler conversations.  It’s no wonder so many of us struggle to free ourselves from the doomed journey where the promised end seems always around the next bend in the prescribed road. To pursue happiness is the way of American life. 

It’s no wonder this thinking has crept into the church.  Just take this study and you will know everything!  Just read the whole Bible and all will finally be well!  Just say a prayer and there will be no more problems! Just go on this one trip and know the world is now right for your efforts!  

Lent has become a hotbed of this frenetic, transactional activity.  Just give up ______ for 40 days and finally – peace.  Only, life still happens after lent. And often peace is not found in the messy, ever after.  Then, full of broken promises and empty of short-term relationships, Lenten participants cast doubt upon and create distance with the church…or even God.

It’s no wonder so many of us have given up trying anymore. 

But what if this was not a bad thing?  Maybe not for the same reasons…but what if we all stopped trying?  What if we gave up trying to improve ourselves during Lent?  What if we give up trying to figure it all out, and instead be still, letting God just love us?  What if we just listen, say yes to Jesus each day, and follow where He goes?  What if we all stopped trying and just started doing what Jesus asked of us?  What would happen? 

It might just be the greatest journey ever. 

And who knows, Lent might be a mere 40 days towards a renewed you.


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Joseph


tune in again next week for Part II

One Response to “40 days to a new you! – Part I”

  1. Pat Harris says:

    Amen. Very good point. I’m in to getting closer to our God. I think it is a important time for christians right now to listen to God. It’s time for us to draw near to Him that he knows without a doubt we support him and love him. He can handle the society we live in but we need Him as our Savior and leader. Appreciate you pastor praying for you. Pat.

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