Sheri Koyles recently moved to the Richmond area from West Texas. They moved to this region because of job opportunities, and to be near family. She, and her family, have lived in several states, but her roots and childhood were spent in the heart of Florida. Sheri has been in ministry for 22 years, and continues to be affirmed by the Lord for this calling on her life. She is passionate about many things, but you will her talk most about her love of hiking(or anything outdoors for that matter), exercising, and nutrition. Sheri is married to Dr. John P. Koyles, professor of Ethics, Philosophy, and Religion. Together they have 2 children. Aydan, who is a freshman, and Karis, who is a 5th grader. Sheri and her family are already seeing the blessings of God from their move to Indiana. She loves the passion that Central has for their children, and the desire to see them all become faithful disciples of Christ.

Leslie is entering her eighth year at Central. She is married to Chad and has two young daughters, Mallory and Maren. Leslie graduated from Indiana University and worked in advertising in Chicago and taught middle, high school, and adult education, but thinks that her time working at Disney World in college best prepared her for this job.Leslie could eat mashed potatoes three meals a day, but tries to exhibit some self control and typically only eats them twice a day. She loves TV shows that get cancelled, like Arrested Development and The Wire. Leslie has been skydiving, swimming with barracuda, has traveled abroad and eaten eel, but she has never seen any of the Die Hard movies. Leslie's favorite part of the Bible is Psalm 139 (today...ask her tomorrow and it will be something different!) and her favorite part of working at Central is hanging out with kids.

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Kathy has been the co-director of Joysingers choir since March 1995. She’s always enjoyed teaching and working with young children (church, public and private schools). Her undergrad and grad degrees are in elementary education and early childhood education, so working with young children is a real blessing. Music is a very special part of who she is, so helping CUMC Joysingers “make a joyful noise for the Lord”, and to be “ministers of music” to our church family is a way of sharing our gifts and talents with the body of Christ.

Debbie has worked and volunteered at Central in may capacities, but her over 12 years with the Joysingers have been quite memorable. She loves the relationships with the children as they grow together in love and knowledge of the Lord. She is married to Terry and they have two grown children (Abby and Greg) and three grandchildren.She loves reading, painting, and warm, homemade bread with lots of real butter (yum). She lokes the movie Shawshank Redemption, the music of the Eagles and the Bible (of course!).Finally, Debbie admits that she is a cat magnet. She wants to know if anyone wants a lovely calico...?

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This is Nikki's second year with the Cantus Choir, but she is no stranger to show choir dance moves. (She previously worked as a high school choir director...and she loves Glee). She is married to Ben and they have two children, Zoe and AJ. Nikki also owns her own baking business, called Goodies by Nikki, renowned for her brownie bites throughout the region.

Sandi has been working with the kids' choir at Central for over seven years. She has three grown sons, Philip, Matt, and Mark and six grandchildren: Emma, Sarah, Gabriel, Grant, Noa and Ian.Sandi enjoys watching the choir members become more confident as they sing for church services. They learn using the tool of music to grow in their faith and service to the churchShe loves retirement and is enjoying working on shows at Richmond Civic Theater. Outside of musical endeavors, she enjoys gardening, swimming, relaxing on her deck , and being with friends and family.Sandi grew up iin New York and summered in Maine.

Chris has been a pianist/organist/choir director here at Central for over 17 years. She is married to Pat and has two sons, Sam and Josh. She loves working at Central because of the comfort level with her colleagues and the mutual respect they have for one another. She is grateful to be a part of the musical team and enjoys worshipping with the congregation. Chris describes herself as shy and insecure, but you would never guess from her musical ability and "game face" when she plays on Sunday mornings. She has always believed that sports and music are interconnected, and as such she prefers ESPN Radio in her car to music. She loves to eat Chinese, Thai, or Italian food and sour candy. She loves Grey's Anatomy and Sunday afternoon football.

Central's music program is unique, and its organist and music Director, Ron Matson, may be even more so. In fact, it is that rare opportunity to create music on the organ that has kept Ron coming back to Central for more than 35 years."I have always wanted to keep Central on my calendar because walking away would mean, essentially, not playing the organ any longer," Ron says.However, the organ was not always Ron's passion. He grew up singing in the church choir and playing the piano. While he admired his church organist as a child, he never really thought about becoming one until his dad put in a bid on a silent auction for a semester's worth of organ lessons - and won. As a senior in high school, Ron changed course, taking advantage of those free lessons.While studying mathematics at Miami University, Ron continued to play the organ and sing, visiting Central regularly with the Miami University choir."I discovered the instrument at Central, and Ed Eby discovered that I played the organ."Eby offered the opportunity for Ron to succeed him in 1976 - and Ron's been here ever since."It seems God was more in control of my music ministry than anyone else," Ron says.Of course Ron has an entire musical career away from Central's sanctuary as well. He performed all over the world with Miami University colleagues, worked summers in Austria and has conducted for ballet at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere."Of course, I could get a church job closer to where I live, but not one that would allow me to attend to the rest of my musical life," Ron says.And why music ministry? "For me, music has always been about creating in the present, in this time and space. My music is the next opportunity I have to create something. whether it's the next ballet rehearsal, or next Wednesday afternoon alone at Central preparing for a Sunday morning."

Billy has been keeping Central running during the day for over five years. He has been married for over 50 years to Liz and has three grown children: Jeff, Judy, and Jenny. Billy loves old cars and NASCAR races and he is a true Richmond native. He attended Finley, Warner, Garfield, Dennis and Richmond High School. He loves pizza and the music of the Eagles.

Denise has been keeping Central going for more than ten years now and loves helping people. Many people come in from the neighborhood, looking for help with food or other needs. She distributes lots of food pantry referrals, and directs many to another pastor on hand. There are, on average, at least 10-20 people per week looking for help from the church. “When I know that I have helped someone in a special way that just makes my day. I love what I do, the church members, and that fact that I work for the Lord.” She is in charge of many aspects of church business, including production of the Lamplighter newsletter, the stewardship campaign, production of weekly bulletins, church brochures and keeping track of the calendar and appointments. She also spends time with “odds and ends” tasks such as tracking down the baptismal or membership records for former members. Yet despite the many facets to her work, she feels fortunate to have found this job, and it was certainly the right place at the right time. “God truly was at work when I found this job. He knew just where I needed to be at that particular time in my life.” In her free time, she loves to spend time with my family and friends. She has been married for 22 years to Ron, and they have four daughters and 10 grandchildren. Denise says that her grandchildren are a true blessing in my life. She also enjoys being outdoors…camping, hiking, gardening and reading.

Pat just started here at Central in the fall of 2010. She is married to David and has two sons: Ryan and Ross. She enjoys cooking and doing yardwork as well as reading and playing the guitar. Pat has traveled to Hawaii and loves the Colts, the color red, and her favorite foods are chocolate, Cheerios, and salads.

Pastor Banker enjoys being involved in ministry centered on equipping individuals to realize their full potential with Christ through teaching, fellowship, worship, mission, and communion; thereby, moving each person one step closer in his or her walk with Christ. Curtis joined our congregation September 1st!Pastor Banker is passionate about being involved with a church which is active is discipleship, evangelism, sacrements, and worship.

Charlie has been with Central for nearly five years. He is married to Barb and they have four adult children and six grandchildren. Charlie provides leadership for the adult discipleship ministry of the church as well as the preschool ministries of Central. He also preaches from time to time as the need arises.Charlie is a graduate of Anderson College and Anderson School of Theology, earning his Master of Divinity degree in 1984. He has also done graduate work at Ball State University. Ordained as a pastor in 1980, Charlie has previous experience as a youth pastor, associate pastor, and a senior pastor.He is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio and is an avid Reds fan even though he has lived in Indiana for more than 30 years. As a former Marine and Vietnam veteran, he participates each year in the Veterans Day services both in the church and the community. He loves to sing, work in his yard, and play golf but his greatest passion is in working with the children of the church.

Donna has been the parish nurse at Central for five years. Her favorite thing about working at Central are the people. She enjoys spending time with her family, which includes three adult children and five grandchildren. She loves reading, gardening and doing Bible study.She hated math in school (who didn't?), loves pizza and ice cream, the color blue and the classic TV show The Waltons.

Central UMC1425 East Main Street, Richmond, IN 47374click here for: DIRECTIONSWe would love to hear from you! Send us an email or give us a call if you would like more information about any of our ministries, small groups or missions 765-962-8543

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"A Disciple's Path" All-Church Study!sign up for a group!______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Mission Trip to Zambia April 21-May 9, 2014__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________UMW SPiritual Retreat February 6th 9:30-2 in Fellowship HallUMW Creative Hands begins Febrauary 27th at 9 a.m.

SUNDAY MORNING DISCPILESHIPSpiritual growth opportunites abound on Sunday mornings. Classes for all ages of adults meet each Sunday during the 9:40 am hour for fellowship, prayer, and study. For a detailed list, contact the office.STEPHEN MINISTRY•It is very old because it is how the very first Christians cared for one another. It was personified in the person of Stephen, the church’s first deacon. As Christians reached out to those in need, they ministered to one another as Christ instructed them to do, “Love one another as I have loved you.” •It is very new because it is built solidly on that Biblical message and intensively trains and prepares lay people to reach out and care for those who are experiencing problems in their lives, helping to supplement the pastors’ care. •It is a confidential, on-going, helping relationship scheduled with regularity and dependability.•It is a meaningful way for our church to strengthen our many gifts by sharing one another’s burdens and joys.If you feel God calling you to this Ministry, please contact one of our Stephen Leaders, Rena Dilworth (962-9214) or Kerry O'Brien (962-8543). YOU can play an important role in our Stephen Ministry...because you may know of a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or relative who is going through a difficult time and who could benefit from the focused care, encouragement and support of a Stephen Minister. If you know of someone who is hurting, talk with one of our Stephen Leaders: (Kerry O'Brien at 962-8543 or Rena Dilworth at 962-8214). They can talk with you about how we can connect the person you know with one of our Stephen Ministers. It’s a great way for you to show how much you care!PARISH HEALTHWe provide the following services:Blood Pressure ScreeningGrief MinistriesCalls to Hospitalized ParishionersVisits to Nursing Homes or in HomesHealth Information and EducationAnnual Blood DrivesWalk/ExerciseThe Parish nurse can act as a liaison to community support services. Initiate referrals for support services, services to community agencies, physicians and other medical specialists. The nurse can also provide prayer support and comfort during times of need. For Further Information Contact:Donna Jurgens, Parish Nurse765-962-8543UNITED METHODIST WOMENThe organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the Church.General Meeting First Thursday 9:00 A.M.Friendship Circle (during the school year)Third Thursday 9:30 A.M.Elizabeth Circle (during the school year)Third Thursday 1:00 P.M.Thursday Evening Circle (during school year)Third Thursday 7:00 P.M.Monday Morning Connections Third Monday 9:00 A.M.Creative Hands Fourth Thursday 9:00 A.M.BAZAAR - Biennially in November: Coming November 5th!General Workshops - Second & Fourth Thursday 9:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. (lunch and child care provided). Bring a friend!UNITED METHODIST MENMonthly Breakfast Meeting (during the school year) Third Saturday 7:30 A.M.Men’s Prayer Group – Wednesdays at noon – call office for location.Disciple's Hand Ministry: Our new men’s ministry called Disciple’s Hand has begun. Several teams of men will strive to express the love of Christ to widows, widowers, and others with long-term needs. Each team of four will be assigned to one care receiver with whom they will meet once a month. About two hours will be spent each month doing repair, maintenance, or cleaning around the home. Each visit will end in a time of prayer. MUSICCentral's music ministry has a rich tradition in Richmond. Our handbell choir, called the Wesley Ringers, meets Wednesdays at 5:30 pm and plays during worship services on a regular rotation. Our choir, the Chancel Choir, practices Wednesdays at 7 pm and also sings during both worship services. All are welcome to join us for either of these experiences.

Have you ever wondered how it feels to go hungry for 30 hours to raise money for hunger programs around the world? Feel like eating LOTS of good food, playing laser tag or sharing your weekly high and low? Then Central's youth programs are the place for YOU!The MeSsaGe youth group is for 7th-8th graders from many cummunity schools. We meet on Sunday nights from 7-8 pm for fun, fellowship, and some silliness mixed in. We plan fun events for the first Sunday of every month from 6-8 pm. We also have special events, like mission projects, game nights, and our annual church overnight.SuRGe, Central's youth group for senior high, seeks to reach OUT to the community and others around us, to reach UP to our Heavenly Father, and IN to develop a lasting desire for spiritual growth. We meet Sunday nights from 6-8pm. We partner with the high school youth group from First English Lutheran Church for these events. Food is served every Sunday.Our youth are encouraged to DO ministry at Central. On Sunday mornings, you will find them serving in various ministries of the church, from Acolyting, running projection, helping in the children's and kids' areas, to singing in the worship services with the Asbury Choir (all youth are invited to join the choir. To do so, contact Chris Rogan at 962-8543).

Central is proud to be an ORANGE church! Our Sunday School and Children's Church groups for K-5th graders both meet upstairs in Studio 252. This kids area will be rockin' during both worship services and Sunday School. To learn more, visit out the Family Events page to learn more about our Monthly FX and Labs, both for families. The Cantus Choir, Central's choir for kids, meets Thursday from 4-5 pm during the school year. We sing in worship services every few weeks and then present longer productions once or twice a year. Central also hosts a Created by God sexuality class, an annual Vacation Bible School in July, and provides scholarship opportunities for summer camping. Call the CUMC office at 962-8543 for more information about any of these. Boy Scout troop #114 and the Boys and Girls Club of Wayne County also call CUMC their home. The Central Unit sees over 100 kids each day after school for tutoring, games, play, and special events. Contact Jenny O'Brien at 939-2228 for more information.

Be sure to scroll down to see it all!SUNDAYSEvery Sunday morning during worship and Sunday School, we meet "In the Beginning," on the first floor of Central UMC. In this area, we learn three basic truths each week:God made meGod loves meJesus wants to be my friend foreverIn Room 1, we welcome babies and toddlers up to 24 months old. Our caring staff members love to rock babies and play with toys! In this room, babies will hear music each week that shares the three basic truths with them.In Room 2, we welcome toddlers up to preschool age. In this room, directed play will help reinforce the three truths, along with music, crafts, and snacks each week.In Rooms 3 and 4, we welcome children who have entered preschool. Here, children will hear a Bible story, play games, and do other activities with a small group leader to plant in their hearts the love of their Creator through Jesus.WEEKDAYPRESCHOOL:The Preschool at Central United Methodist is a multi-aged program that is open to all children ages three through five. For more information you can contact Charlie Black at 962-8543 or visit our webpage at MORNING OUT: Parents Morning Out is a babysitting ministry of Central United Methodist Church. It is available for all children ages 6 months to 5 years of age. We meet on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. We have two classes available during the school year: INFANT care is for babies 6 months up to 2 years of age with TODDLER care available for ages 2 years thru 5 years. Daily expense is $11.00 per child. For more information or to enroll, please contact Charlie Black (click his name to send him an email) at 962-8543.JOYSINGERS CHOIR: Joysingers is a choir for kids 4 years old through Cantus choir. For more information, please contact Kathy Robinson at 966-8832.

Our Mission: Making new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.Our Vision: Building a community where your family thrives because Christ is Lord.

CURRENT SERIESOn the Christian calendar, Advent is the beginning. The Christian season of Advent is a tiome to ready ourselves spiritually for Christmas so we can truly celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.HOPE, PEACE, JOY, & LOVE!

A life-long Hoosier, Kerry O’Brien is a “second career” pastor. He spent 20 years in the business world, mostly in purchasing, with some time in sales. He had heard God’s call but tried for years to deny or avoid it. He finally took his first church appointment in 1997 as a part-time Local Pastor. Within two years, he knew God was calling him to full-time ordained ministry, so quit his full-time job to attend seminar full time. After graduating in 2003, Pastor Kerry was appointed as an Associate Pastor to Elkhart Trinity UMC, his first full-time appointment. Two short years later, he was moved to Main Street UMC in Kokomo. After three years there, he moved to Plymouth, where he was appointed as Senior Pastor at Trinity UMC. In the four years he was in Plymouth, the church experienced growth in all major areas of vitality. Rev. O’Brien also facilitated a complete renovation of the building and grounds. Now he is the Lead Pastor here at Central UMC with his appointment as of July 1, 2012. Pastor Kerry has a passion for helping people connect with the transforming power and presence of God. He wants people to know the love God offers us through Jesus Christ, and has a real heart for newcomers to the Christian faith and to Central. You will hear him say that “everyone is welcome in God’s house” at every worship service because he believes that with his whole heart. Everyone is welcome to experience the Holy Spirit among us in worship so that we can experience God’s forgiveness, mercy, and love that changes us for the better and helps each of us become the extraordinary person God sees in us.

SERVE WITH US:Missions at CentralJohn Wesley said, “The world is my parish.” Central’s Risk-Taking Mission and Service Team agrees with him. From a local food pantry or soup kitchen, to a Navajo Child on the reservation, to a hurricane victim in Louisiana, to a struggling family on the plains of the Serengeti, we join with Methodists around our planet in serving and making a difference in the name of Jesus.

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to Central United Methodist ChurchRichmond, IndianaWe invite you to celebrate God-with-us in the house of God, our church home, Central UMC. Please join us to be spiritually fed on Sunday mornings during worship or Sunday School. Donuts, coffee, and juice are served in between!Childcare available for all services:First Worship Service 8:30 amSunday School for all ages 9:40 amSecond Worship Service 10:50 am

GROW WITH US: Discipleship at CentralThere are many opportunities for spiritual growth at Central for people of all ages. We offer Bible study classes, Sunday School classes for all ages, and special events, like parenting seminars, Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, and many other things. Check out our calendar for times and dates.Six Essentials of Spiritual GrowthHow can you nurture your spirit? What can you do to strengthen your relationship with God? How can you keep growing in the Christian life? What does it take to become more like Christ? The Bible says in Acts 2:42 that the first Christians “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” At Central United Methodist Church we say there are six essential practices for spiritual growth. Simply put, growing Christians:WORSHIP, PRAY, RELATE, LEARN, GIVE, and HELP.Adult Sunday SchoolsWe have many discipleship opportunities on Sunday morning for adults during the 9:40 am hour. Please contact one of our secretaries for more information.Weekday OpportunitiesWesley Bell Ringers (during school year) Wednesday 5:30 P.M.Chancel Choir (during school year) Wednesday 7:00 P.M.Disciple Bible Study (during the school year)Monday 6:30 P.M.Parents Morning Out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00 A.M.Primetimers (50 and older)First and Third Wednesdays at noonBook Study (during the school year) Monday 1:00 P.M.Bible Study (short term-during school year) Various times and datesUnited Methodist Women, Central Unit, hosts monthly activities

FOCUS WITH US:Worship at CentralIn Sunday morning worship services at Central, we come together to praise God for His greatness and to celebrate the good news of His love for us in Jesus Christ. In our worship tradition we focus on Christ by sharing scripture, music, prayer and preaching. We strive to offer a clear interpretation of the Bible for life today. Our music tradition at Central is rich in variety. Various choirs, accompanied by our fantastic organ or grand piano, include adults, children, youth, and handbells, are featured in both services. Both services include our special "children's message." Children's worship is offered in a separate room for both preschool and elementary age students following the children's message. A brief coffee/donut fellowship is held each Sunday between services in our parlor.Sunday services:8:30 am and 10:50 am


MONTHLY FX (FAMILY EXPERIENCE)...where kids bring their parents to church! We offer an EXCITING new addition to our youth and family programming. The third Sunday of every month, we gather for a FAMILY EXPERIENCE with our friends from First English Lutheran Church. This includes a meal, hilarious skits, a message, games, and fellowship. We meet at Hibberd School each month. The program will be put on by a team of youth and adults from both churches working together. Parents and kids, mark your calendars NOW for the whole year! You will not want to miss these family nights

Phil Dorrell is our pastor.

Sundays8:30 am Worship9:40 am Sunday School10:50 am Worship

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